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Dragon Ball Super CG: Mythic Booster Box [MB-01]

Dragon Ball Super CG: Mythic Booster Box [MB-01]

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The Dragon Ball Super CG: Mythic Booster Box [MB-01] is the ultimate archive booster box for players and collectors alike! This incredible set has 63 incredible reprints of rare and valuable cards from past Promos, Draft Boxes, Expansions, Starter/Expert Decks, Theme Boosters, and pre-Unison warrior Series boosters!

The Dragon Ball Super CG: Mythic Booster Box [MB-01] contains:

  • 24 Dragon Ball Super CG: Mythic Booster [MB-01] booster packs
  • Each booster pack contains 8 cards (with 1 being a holo foil and 1 being a gold stamp card)

Revisiting cards of the past!

This premium set allows new players to build decks with cards from products that are no longer available. Each card is available with its original artwork as a “reprint” version with the RE text. This means that they retain the original set information and come with a stamp to indicate it is a reprint. Each card also comes with a holo foil parallel version with unique alternate artwork and a gold stamp! This even includes common cards! This will allow collectors to enjoy their favourite cards once again with all-new artworks!

This is a premium product and to reflect that each pack now contains 8 cards in total and contains 1 holo foil and 1 gold stamp card! There are also two SCR reprints in this set (each with their own alternate artwork too) – these are the first Secret Rare reprints in DBS: CG history! Packs will therefore contain:

  • 6 reprint cards with the original artworks
  • 1 parallel card with the original artwork and a special holo foil pattern (this could also be a secret rare reprint)
  • 1 alternate art card that comes with a gold-stamped foil that gives a new illustration to a reprint card!


This set includes 63 card types, each with its own alternate art. This means that there are 126 cards in total to collect in this set. The rarity of cards are as follows:

  • Common: x30
  • Uncommon: x15
  • Rare: x9
  • Super Rare: x7
  • Secret Rare: x2

(all of which come with an alternate version)

Grab the Dragon Ball Super CG: Mythic Booster Box [MB-01] to relive moments past of some of the best cards from Dragon Ball Super CG history!

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