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Digimon Card Game: Release Special Ver.1.0 Booster Pack (BT01-03)

Digimon Card Game: Release Special Ver.1.0 Booster Pack (BT01-03)

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The Digimon Card Game: Release Special Ver.1.0 Booster Pack (BT01-03) contains 12 cards 

    This is the English release of the popular Digimon Card game and has various cards from the Japanese releases BT01, BT02, and BT03.

    An exciting new TCG!

    The all-new Digimon Card Game featuring all your favorite Digimon has finally arrived! The Digimon Card game is a new competitive trading card game that allows you to take your companion Digimon into the battle arena to take down your opponents.

    This game was designed by the renowned American game designer Ryan Miller to create a simple, yet unique TCG experience. Claim Victory by Raising and Evolving your Digimon to get even stronger and gain new powers! Beat your opponents by reducing your opponent’s Security Area cards to zero and delivering a knockout blow! This set also features all of the 8 original Digidestined as Tamer Cards! 

    So many Digimon to collect!

    There are a total of 187 cards to collect

    • 69 Common types
    • 50 Uncommon types
    • 45 Rare types
    • 20 Super Rare Types
    • 3 Secret Rare Types

    There are also 17 additional alternative art cards besides the 187 above to collect! 

    Lead your Digimon to Victory with the Digimon Card Game: Release Special Ver 1.0 Booster Pack!

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