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Digimon Card Game Tamer's Evolution Box - [PB-01]

Digimon Card Game Tamer's Evolution Box - [PB-01]

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This is a special product to commemorate the English release of the Digimon Card Game. This is the product every Digimon Tamer needs to get their Digimon Adventure with the card game started! 

The Digimon Card Game Tamer's Evolution Box - [PB-01] includes:

  • 1 Exclusive Playmat with unique artwork
  • 1 Memory Gauge
  • 1 Storage Box for your cards
  • 1 Acrylic Marker
  • 50 Standard Sized Sleeves for your Main Deck
  • 5 Standard Sized Sleeves for your Digi-Eggs
  • 1 x Card Case
  • 16 Promo Cards (8 types) - Comes in an English and original Japanese Version

This is the original and premium promotional Digimon Card Game supply set featuring an exclusive playmat that shows off the original 8 Digimon partners from the Adventure series in their iconic ultimate or mega digivolved forms. Not only that you will get a promo card for each of these Digimon with an alternate artwork in both the English and the original Japanese Print (8 types x 2 - one in English and one in Japanese)! 

There will also be limited edition standard-sized sleeves included that feature classic Digimon Pixel art. You will get 5 of one design made just for your Digi-Egg cards, and another 60 in another design made for your main deck! Plus you will get a special card case, designed with this same pixel art design to store your decks! And to get you started with the card game there is also a 2 player memory gauge and a marker featuring these Pixel Art Digimon!

Digivolve your game with the Digimon Card Game Tamer's Evolution Box - [PB-01]!

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