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Dragon Ball Super Card Game Collector's Selection Vol.1

Dragon Ball Super Card Game Collector's Selection Vol.1

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This incredible selection has been designed for all the collectors of the Dragon Ball Super Card Game! Dragon Ball Super Card Game Collector's Selection Vol.1 is a premium collector's set with a lineup of 18 fan-favorite cards!

The first 10 cards were selected by players - fans voted online for the top cards for both standard boosters and promos to make up these cards. The remaining 8 were hand-selected by the design team making a total of 18 amazing cards for this set. These cards have been created to feature a glorious silver stamp plus they have had special treatments. Plus experience all-new card art! 

This collector's collection features an incredible record-style packaging to store these amazing cards!

Card Contents:

Top 5 Voted Booster Card Selections:

  1. Great Ape Son Goku, Saiyan Instincts (DB1-064)
  2. Broly, The Legendary Super Saiyan (BT1-057)
  3. SS4 Son Goku, a Heartfelt Plea (BT8-110)
  4. SSB Gogeta, Fusion Onslaught (BT6-014)
  5. Fusion Warrior Super Saiyan Vegito (BT2-001)

Top 5 Voted PR Card Selections:

  1. Goku Black, Unforeseen Darkness (P-124)
  2. Super Baby 1, Parisititic Menace (P-112)
  3. Broly, Surge of Brutality (P-181)
  4. Relentless Speed Janemba (P-086)
  5. Scientist Fu (P-036)

 Game Designer's Selection:

  1. Fused Zamasu, Deity's Wrath (DB1-057)
  2. SSB Kaio-Ken Son Goku, Concentrated Destrictuon
  3. Son Goku, the Adventure Begins (BT6-107)
  4. Frieza's Death Ball (BT9-130)
  5. Ultra Instinct Goku's Kamehameha (BT9-131)
  6. Cell's Earth Destroying Kamehamemha  (BT9-132)
  7. Vegeta's Final Flash  (BT9-133)
  8. Majin Buu's Human Extinction Attack  (BT9-134)
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