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Dragon Ball Super Card Game - Collector's Selection Vol.2

Dragon Ball Super Card Game - Collector's Selection Vol.2

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Get ready to Dragon Ball Super Card Game Collector's Selection Vol.2 to your collections! Like its predecessor, this second volume in the series recreates some of the most iconic and fan-favourite cards from the Dragon Ball Super Card Game series in all-new high-quality alternate art versions selected by the community and the developers of the card game.

The first ten cards were chosen by the players themselves! Fans voted on the official website choosing the 5 top cards from standard boosters and 5 top cards from promos. The remaining 8 were hand-picked by the design team to have an incredible lineup of 18 cards.

These cards have been given the glorious silver stamp plus they have had special treatments once again all with incredible detail and stunning card art! This collector's collection also features the incredible record-style packaging once again to store the cards like the first volume so you can stack up both versions side-by-side on your shelves!

Card Contents:

Top 5 Voted Booster Card Selections:

  1. BT11-030 - Violent Rays
  2. TB1-052 - Son Goku, Hope of Universe 7
  3. BT10-075 - Frieza, Charismatic Villain
  4. DB3-003 - Son Goku, Numbus Master
  5. BT12-013 - Launch, the Pure-Hearted

Top 5 Voted PR Card Selections:

  1. P-219 - SS2 Trunks, Heroic Prospect
  2. P-263 - Masked Saiyan, Brainwashed No More
  3. P-331 - Mecha Frieza, Robotic Riposte
  4. P-286 - SS3 Gogeta, Martial Melee
  5. P-276 - Son Goku & Vegeta, Saiyan Synergy

 Game Designer's Selection:

  1. BT9-090 - Nappa, Demolition Man
  2. BT9-091 - Zammasu Sacred Disbelief
  3. BT9-096 - Whis, Celestial Moderator
  4. BT9-099 - Android 18, Bionic Blitz
  5. BT9-107 - Beerus, Divine Obliterator
  6. BT9-115 -  Dr. Gero, Progenitor of Terror
  7. DB2-039 - Energetic Frenzy Kefla
  8. P-211 -  SSGSS Son Goku, Soul Striker Reborn

Make sure you grab the premium Dragon Ball Super Card Game Collector's Selection Vol.2 and add it to your Dragon Ball Super collections!

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