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Dragon Ball Super Card Game - Collector's Selection Vol.3

Dragon Ball Super Card Game - Collector's Selection Vol.3

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After the massive success of the first two entries, an all-new Dragon Ball Super Collector’s Selection has arrived featuring the trusty Namekian warrior Picollo! The premium Dragon Ball Super Collector’s Selection Vol.3 contains a total of 18 cards – the top 10 cards selected by user votes and 8 selected by developers!

As before all the cards have been given the glorious silver stamp plus they have had special treatments once again. The silver foil and stunning texturing make these the ultimate collector’s item.

Card List

Popularity Poll Top 10

  1. BT16-005 Son Goku, Ultra Mastery
  2. BT15-096 Son Goku, Steadfast Assistance
  3. BT17-004 Baby, Juvenile Parasite
  4. BT17-066 Golden Frieza, Newfound Might
  5. P-247 Vegeta, Godly Aura
  6. BT11-042 Baby, Golden Avenger
  7. P-351 Mira, Vow to the Creator
  8. P-337 Zamasu, the Eliminator
  9. BT10-030 Wolf Fang First
  10. BT12-137 Gogeta, Fearless Fusion

 Design Team’s Selection

  1. BT10-148 Son Goku, Rival Seeker
  2. BT13-135 Supreme Kai of Time, Time Labyrinth Unleashed
  3. BT16-071 Trunks
  4. BT16-087 SS Rosé Goku Blacj, Future on the Line
  5. BT16-117 Demon God Putine, Umbral Might
  6. EX06-30 Bardock, Awakened Instincts
  7. EX13-16 Gotenks, The Grim Reaper of Justice
  8. EB1-20 Android 18, Let the Battle Begin

This collector's collection also features the incredible record-style packaging once again to store your cards and you can stack it up with volumes 1 and 2! Grab the Dragon Ball Super Collector’s Selection Vol.3 and add this ultimate collector’s item to your Dragon Ball Collection!

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