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Dragon Ball Super CG Masters: Beyond Generations [B24] Booster Pack - Zenkai Ex Series Set 07

Dragon Ball Super CG Masters: Beyond Generations [B24] Booster Pack - Zenkai Ex Series Set 07

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A new round of battles for their fate begins! The memories of fierce battles transcend generations! Introducing Dragon Ball Super CG Masters: Beyond Generations [B24] Booster Box - Zenkai Ex Series Set 07!

Each Dragon Ball Super CG Masters: Beyond Generations [B24] Booster Pack - Zenkai Ex Series Set 07 contains 12 Random Cards.

Colour Breakdown 

  • Green Cards – The Galactic Emperor Frieza’s tyranny is feared across the Universe. A kind Saiyan awakens in Rage unleashing the legend of the Super Saiyan. The final struggle on planet Named is nearing its epic Conclusion
  • Red Cards - The God of Destruction Beerus is targeting the Earth. Vegeta rises against him and unleashes a vengeful rage to protect the ones dearest to him. Borrowing the strength of his comprads, Goku awakens the Legendary Super Saiyan God!
  • Blue Cards – The Sealed Warrior Tapion Returns! The evil monster Hirudegarn lurking within him must be defeated! A warrior’s honour will be carried into the Next Generation!
  • Yellow Cards - The fiendish Turles Crusher Core encroaches on Gohan and planet Earth. As a result of Turles a scheming Gohan transforms into a great ape to stop an evil plot!
  • Black Cards - Son Goku Zeno and Vegeta Zeno - the strongest Warriors to protect the Earth come together in the ultimate Fusion bringing a shining crimson light into the universe!

Key Features

  • Zenkai Unison Cards - Zenkai Set 7 finally brings Unison cards to Zenkai Unison cards! It's time to join the battle Across the Universe! Zenkai Unison Cards for each colour have their unique properties. Zenkai Unison can be played in your Unison area using the specified Zenkai energy and an optional amount of energy. Add markers based on the amount of energy used to give you the ability to turn markers into the activation of powerful effects
  • Alt Art Leader Cards - In Zenkai Series Set 7 there will also be a new Special Leader Rare rarity card! This special type of rare leader card will have an alternate art on the back of each card
  • More Zenkai Cards - Zenkai series set 7 will also feature loads of New Zenkai cards!


The set will have a collection of 164 cards in total, recreating famous scenes from the Dragon Ball universe. There are 3 new Secret Rares to collect, as well as an all-new God Rare! There are the following types to collect: 

  • Common (normal/holo ver.) x60
  • Uncommon (normal/holo ver.) x30
  • Rare (normal/holo ver.) x29
  • Super Rare x18
  • Special Rare x 14
  • Secret Rare x3
  • God Rare x1
  • Special Leader Rare x9

Relive battles that transcend generations with Dragon Ball Super CG Masters: Beyond Generations [B24] Booster Packs!

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