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Dragon Ball Super CG Wild Resurgence Premium Pack [PP12] Display Case of 8

Dragon Ball Super CG Wild Resurgence Premium Pack [PP12] Display Case of 8

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Dormant Power re-emerge in an all-new Zenkai Series Set

Suppressed and hidden powers that have laid dormant over time are reawakened for Heroes and Villains alike in the Dragon Ball Super Card Game Zenkai Series 04 – Wild Resurgence!

The Dragon Ball Super CG Wild Resurgence Premium Pack [PP12] Display Case of 8 contains a total of 8 Dragon Ball Super CG Wild Resurgence Premium Pack Sets [PP12]  each containing:

  • 4 x Dragon Ball Super CG Wild Resurgence Booster Packs [B21]
  • 2 x Promo Cards (Same Type)

You will receive a sealed display case.

Experience explosive battles commence in this all-new set that relives moments of resurgence from Dragon Ball History where incredible dormant forces make a comeback! Plus, this set features yet another God Rare card for all the collectors out there!


Dragon Ball Super CG Zenkai Series Set 04 Wild Ressurgence [B21] includes even more new Zenkai cards to intensify battles! There are 3 more SCRs to collect in this set, plus yet another God Rare is being added to this set – the ultimate card for collectors! There are following types to collect:

  • 60 Common (normal/holo)
  • 38 Uncommon (normal/holo
  • 30 Rare (normal/holo
  • 18 Super Rare
  • 14 Special Rare
  • 3 Secret Rare
  • 1 God Rare


In Red Cards, Garlic Jr has escaped from the Dead Zone and reignited his powers with the help of the Makyo Star. A young Goku joins forces with his arch-rival, with the help of his son young Gohan to take Garlic Jr Down.

In Blue Cards, the Tuffle creation Baby has been plotting vengeance against the Saiyans. This parasitic villain makes a comeback by absorbing the powers of Saiyans like Gohan and Vegeta! Heroes like Majuub join alongside Goku and Pan to bring Baby down!

The galactic emperor Frieza is resurrected in Yellow cards from the Resurrection F Saga and showcases his Golden form– it is down to our Super Saiyan Blue heroes Goku and Vegeta to send him back to hell!

Laying in hiding, gathering energy underground after travelling back in time, Cell waits and gathers energy until the time is right to achieve his Goal for Perfection. It is up to our young Saiyan Warrior Gohan to unleash his hidden potential that has laid hiding to take out this android menace.

Finally, in Black Cards, The Dark Empire has been gathering Power and getting ready to strike! SSG Trunks is ready in his God form to face them head-on and bring them down! 


Get ready for fierce battles as latent powers awaken with the Dragon Ball Super CG Wild Resurgence Premium Pack [PP12] Display Case of 8!

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