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Dragon Ball Super CG Fighter's Ambition Premium Pack [PP10] Display Case of 8

Dragon Ball Super CG Fighter's Ambition Premium Pack [PP10] Display Case of 8

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Have you felt the power? The mighty Fighters awaken to new strengths! New Gallant Heroes join the Dragon Ball Super Card Game! The insanely popular Zenkai Series returns with Dragon Ball Super Card Game Zenkai Series set 2: Fighter Ambition! 

The Dragon Ball Super CG Fighter's Ambition Premium Pack [PP10] Display Case of 8 contains a total of 8 Dragon Ball Super CG Fighter's Ambition Premium Pack Sets [PP10]  each containing:

  • 4 x Dragon Ball Super CG Fighter's Ambition Booster Packs (B19)
  • 2 x Promo Cards (  Piccolo, Unified for Victory)

You will receive a sealed display case.


This extravagant set includes numerous characters from the Dragon Ball movies, including a massive line-up from the latest movie, "Dragon Ball Super Super Hero"! In his ultimate form, Gohan's strength is off the charts and the fusion between grown-up Goten and Trunks Gotenks joins the fray! And at long last Piccolo's latent power is released -orange Piccolo is here.


Dragon Ball Super CG Zenkai Series Set 02 Fighter’s Ambition [B19] includes more of the new Zenkai cards for even more heated battles. This set has 292 card types including 3 new SCR card types! There are:

  • Common (normal/holo) x60
  • Uncommon (normal/holo) x38
  • Rare (normal/holo) x30
  • Super Rare x18
  • Special Rare x10
  • Secret Rare x3
  • Campaign Rare x5

Relive the Historic Battles of Gohan!

The set will include unique rare SGR cards that Chronicle Gohan's training with a total of 5 SGR Card types in total to collect! These commemorative campaign rare cards trace Gohan over the years, including iconic characters throughout Gohan's past. These are a must for any Gohan fan! Don't miss these premium red foil cards! 


The blue cards focus on this latest movie in the series! Look for the debut of Orange Piccolo and the long-awaited Ultimate Awakening of Son Gohan: SH! Not to mention Goku Vegeta and lots more characters from the movie! 

Red Cards are constructed with scenes from the movie ‘Super Android 13’. Dr Gero’s computer develops three new androids, and three Super Saiyans will stand against them.  Gather your power and face the strongest vilest Android with all you've got Might!

Yellow Cards focus on Lord Lug – with his evil Namekian secret Scheme. With his youth restored and the awesome power of his Giant form, he makes short work of the fighters.

And in the green cards experience the revival of Broly in the recent movie! Unleash the form of the most powerful Saiyan, Broly brawling against the fused ultimate fighter Gogeta - his Transcendent blue Power will decide the fate of the entire Cosmos! And that's not all - more strong opponents await you in DBS CG. Now featuring the characters from 20 movies. Can you get them all on your side?


Relive Gohan’s evolution and witness some of the mightiest battles from the movies again with the Dragon Ball Super CG Fighter's Ambition Premium Pack Set [PP10]!

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