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Dragon Ball Super CG: Realm of the Gods Booster Box UW07 (B16) - Unison Warrior Series Boost

Dragon Ball Super CG: Realm of the Gods Booster Box UW07 (B16) - Unison Warrior Series Boost

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A realm reserved for only the mightiest!

Divine beings with transcendental abilities are now yours to command to victory. Awaken the power of the gods for the fiercest battle of all is at hand with Dragon ball Super Card Game Unison Warrior Series Booster Box (UW07) – Realm of the Gods. The stage is set for a new era of combat as Gods of destruction prepare for annihilation!

The Dragon Ball Super CG: Realm of the Gods Booster Box UW07 (B16) - Unison Warrior Series Boost contains:

  • 24 Dragon Ball Super CG: Realm of Gods UW07 booster packs
  • Each Booster Pack contains 12 cards

Plus each box contains a BONUS Super rare (SR) or Special Rare Card (SPR) as a box topper!


Fans have been heard! Bandai has answered concerns regarding the number of cards needed to build decks and have variety in cards and designs. As a result, the number of SRs have been reduced while the number of SPRs have increased to allow you to enjoy an even wider variety of car art than ever before!

Plus experience an all-new rarity - God Rare! This will be an essential for all collectors out there! This card will be a parallel card of one of the SCRs announced! It is definitely going to be a fan favourite – but we will let you try your luck and find one of these bad boys!

This full set will have 292 types of cards to collect in total! There are:

  • Common (normal/holo) x60
  • Uncommon (normal/holo) x38
  • Rare (normal/holo) x30
  • Super Rare x18
  • Special Rare x14
  • Secret Rare x3
  • God Rare x 1


Empower! Unison Warriors get a boost!

Introducing a new skill: Empower! Unison warriors are getting a boost through Empower – a skill that gives your unison cards added longevity and gameplay possibilities. Before when you played a Unison, it can often feel like a waste to play a different one and lose all the markers you’ve built up. Empower is here to solve that! When you play a unison card with empower it inherits the markers from any unison card you already have in place! Behold as empower pushes this battle to heights beyond the grasp of mere mortals!

 A new warrior approaches the Real of The Gods!

The defender of space-time reaches a new evolution alongside his allies! At last SSG Trunks: Xenos the fray with his newfound godly powers to take the fight to a level never seen before. Black’s focus this time around is the Dark Empire Saga, recreating scenes such as Trunks: Xeno going SSG after receiving the power of the defeated Saiyans, and the final battle against Mechikabura. When dark king Mechikabura absorbs the supreme kai of times energy, an unheard-of power is unleashed!

Remember that not all gods are righteous ones! Wicked Deities descend upon the battlefield. The Yellow cards of this set focus on the Future Trunks Saga. Zamasu’s dark schemes, along with the scene of him fusing with Goku Black, are all recreated in full in all-new glorious artworks. The theme is designed to work well with blue and yellow Zamasu cards from past sets – so if you’re a Zamasu fan, there’s going to be plenty for you to sink your teeth into here! Also, get ready to see a father and son fight for the sake of the future in these cards!

Green cards focus on the Champa Saga, recreating the Whis and Vados - the sponsored battle between Universes 6 and 7. Whis’s fighters are ready to battle, showing off devastating teamwork courtesy of the new Empower skill.

Red cards allow you to witness Son Goku's abilities transcend known limits to master Ultra Instinct once and for all as deities clash. As universe 7's teamwork ushers in victory Super Shenron is summoned forth! Blue cards showcase the power of universe 7's angel Whis and Great Priest. Observe great Saiyans from universe 7 harness their powers for the ultimate battle of the gods in these cards! Also, experience the power of the angels as Angels from every universe make their heavenly return in this incredible set!


Awaken the power of the mightiest fighters in the universe and search for the elusive God Rare card for the first time ever! Enter the Realm of Gods with Dragon Ball Super CG: Realm of the Gods Booster Box UW07 (B16) - Unison Warrior Series Boost!

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