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Dragon Ball Super CG: Realm of the Gods Booster Pack - UW07 (B16) - Unison Warrior Series BOOST

Dragon Ball Super CG: Realm of the Gods Booster Pack - UW07 (B16) - Unison Warrior Series BOOST

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Important: Please note this listing is for single booster packs only. We cannot send multiples as sealed booster boxes.

A realm reserved for only the mightiest!

Divine beings with transcendental abilities are now yours to command to victory. Awaken the power of the gods for the fiercest battle of all is at hand with Dragon ball Super Card Game Unison Warrior Series Booster Box (UW07) – Realm of the Gods. The stage is set for a new era of combat as Gods of destruction prepare for annihilation!

This listing is for 1 Dragon Ball Super CG: Realm of the Gods Booster Pack - UW07 (B16) - Unison Warrior Series Boost. Each booster pack contains 12 random cards.


Fans have been heard! Bandai has answered concerns regarding the number of cards needed to build decks and have variety in cards and designs. As a result, the number of SRs have been reduced while the number of SPRs have increased to allow you to enjoy an even wider variety of car art than ever before!

Plus experience an all-new rarity - God Rare! This will be essential for all collectors out there! This card will be a parallel card of one of the SCRs announced! It is definitely going to be a fan favourite – but we will let you try your luck and find one of these bad boys!

This full set will have 292 types of cards to collect in total! There are:

  • Common (normal/holo) x60
  • Uncommon (normal/holo) x38
  • Rare (normal/holo) x30
  • Super Rare x18
  • Special Rare x14
  • Secret Rare x3
  • God Rare x 1 

Awaken the power of the mightiest fighters in the universe and search for the elusive God Rare card for the first time ever! Enter the Realm of Gods with Dragon Ball Super CG: Realm of the Gods Booster Packs!

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