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Dragon Ball Super CG - Ultimate Squad Premium Pack [PP08]

Dragon Ball Super CG - Ultimate Squad Premium Pack [PP08]

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Ultimate squads combine and face off in the Dragon Ball Universe

Get ready for the last set in the Unison Warrior Series – Dragon Ball Super CG - Ultimate Squad Booster Box UW08 (B17) - Unison Warrior Series BOOST- [DBS-B17]. Goku and his allies team up to face off against some of the toughest squads from the Dragon Ball Universe!

The Dragon Ball Super CG Ultimate Squad  Premium Pack Set [PP08] contains:

  • 4 x Dragon Ball Super CG Ultimate Squad Booster Packs [B17]
  • 2 x 2 King Cold Promo Cards (King Cold, Hail to the King)


This set boasts 292 Types of cards in total to collect! There are also 2 more powerful Secret Rare to collect. There are:

  • Common (normal/holo) x60
  • Uncommon (normal/holo) x38
  • Rare (normal/holo) x30
  • Super Rare x18
  • Special Rare x15
  • Secret Rare x3


What terror has science wrought in the red cards? General Rilldo – the fearsome commander of planet M2 and the maniacal mastermind Dr Mew have amassed a merciless Army of machine mutants ready to wreak havoc!  Fortunately, Goku and his travel companions Trunks and Pan are ready to combine forces to bring an end to the mechanical mayhem!

Cooler – brother of the galactic emperor Frieza is here to invade Green Cards with his armoured squadron so prepare yourself for battle. But beware! The nightmare refuses to end as a Metacooler’s unending hoards bring chaos to the battlefield. But fret not – all the Z warriors are here in the Yellow Cards! Goku, Picollo as well as the rest of the Z Warriors are ready to face any foe. Get ready to unleash Gohan’s ultimate attack to strike down any evil that may cross your path!

However, in the blue cards, there is yet another force to play! The Red Ribbon Army has arrived and is ready to deliver colossal mechanised destruction. And it only gets worse – Dr Gero the brains of the Red Ribbon Army has assembled his ultimate line of androids including a few new creations – Gamma 1 and Gamma 2. They are ready to unleash their hidden potential on unsuspecting opponents! Finally, in the black cards, dark legions stand by at the ready – commanded by the deadly and beautiful god Towa who has grown more powerful than ever! The Dark Empire’s invasion and the onslaught continues, as the battle reaches its climax!

Get ready to witness the legendary battles of the Z warriors against some of the  most powerful teams in the Dragon Ball Super CG Ultimate Squad  Premium Pack Set [PP08]!

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