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Flesh and Blood: Everfest Booster Pack (1st Edition)

Flesh and Blood: Everfest Booster Pack (1st Edition)

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Step right up, step right up and behold! Come closer! The Everfest carnival is here - the greatest show all the way from Rathe comes to you! Flesh and Blood: Everfest (1st Edition) is a supplementary booster set, designed to expand constructed with new cards for every hero in the game!

Each Flesh and Blood: Everfest Booster Pack (1st Edition) contains 10 cards consisting of:

  • Premium Foil - 1 per pack (Rainbow Foil or Cold Foil)
  • Rare or higher - 2 per pack (1 Rare/Majestic/Legendary)
  • Common - 7 per pack

(These supplementary booster packs are ​​designed to expand constructed play. Not intended for booster draft or sealed deck play.)

Are you ready to be amazed! Behind this curtain find something you’ve never seen before, or heard before! Within the bustling grounds witness all fashion of performers, peddlers and frolicking fun! You won't even recognise the wonderment that lies behind the shimmer of an Everfest Booster Pack! Will you find fun or fame? Or good fortunes upon your name? Or will you step into the light - take center-stage and become the star of the show tonight?

Everfest continues to shine the spotlight on the strong environmental themes of Aria, putting sustainability center-stage as the world's first full production trading card game product featuring fully recyclable paper booster wrappers!

Set Composition

The Flesh and Blood: Everfest (1st Edition) set consists of 198 cards in the following rarities.

  • 14 Tokens
  • 136 Commons
  • 54 Rares
  • 45 Majestic
  • 3 Legendary
  • 1 Fabled

Do you want to come and play? Get ready for the greatest show from Rathe with the Flesh and Blood: Everfest Pack (1st Edition)!

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