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Legend Story Studios

Flesh and Blood TCG: Welcome To Rathe Unlimited Booster Pack

Flesh and Blood TCG: Welcome To Rathe Unlimited Booster Pack

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Flesh and blood TCG: Welcome to Rathe (Unlimited) booster packs contain 16 cards each of the highly anticipated new trading card game from Legend Story Studios! Flesh and Blood is set in the fantasy world of Rathe, where players can equip and power up various hero cards with armor and weapons to battle against each other. Flesh and blood TCG: Welcome to Rathe is the first booster set into the series. This is the Unlimited version of the set.

A booster pack holds 16 cards, consisting of:

  • 1 Token per pack
  • 4 Generic Commons
  • 7 Class Commons – a mixture of Brute, Guardian, Ninja, and Warrior
  • 1 Rare
  • 1 Rare / Super Rare / Majestic
  • 1 Equipment card
  • 1 Premium Foil (can be from any non-token rarity)

The Legend Begins

The World of Rathe verges on the brink of Chaos once again after centuries of uneasy peace. You must rise and fight in a world riddled with conflict to decide your fate. Are you going to succumb to the machinations of others? Will you forge your own path? Pick up your sword and get ready to engage in battle. There is no running from this war.

Only a true hero can rise above the rest. What will you become in your quest for greatness? 

The game has been created to reward good decisions and not good luck and challenges the fundamental laws of TCG card evaluation and deck building philosophies. first Flesh and Blood set, Welcome to Rathe, includes four heroes to start and the game features a unique resource system that allows players to play out their full hands-on each turn, and gameplay that rewards player skill over luck of the draw. The game is built around a unique resource system, underpinning an innovative combat dynamic that has been rigorously tested by competitive TCG fanatics.

What is different about Unlimited Edition?

Unlimited Edition is black border and contains exactly the same cards as the original printing of these products, in the same configuration. Unlimited Edition supports booster draft and sealed deck play.

Unlimited Edition cards have improvements to color, templating, and syntax since their original printing, such as "red" color strips on WTR cards, rarity badges, and adding italic reminder text to some cards.

What Unlimited Edition doesn’t have are Cold FoilsCards that feature as Cold Foil in their original print, will instead be found as rainbow foils in Unlimited Edition boosters, and we assure you, these cards look beautiful as rainbow foils.

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