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Gamegenic Zip-Up Album 8-Pocket (Black)

Gamegenic Zip-Up Album 8-Pocket (Black)

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The Gamegenic ZIP-UP ALBUM 8-POCKET (Black) is the perfect way for card collectors to store and organise their cards! This premium binder has been engineered to stores collectible cards of standard or Japanese size and is covered with the innovative Nexofyber surface to create a comfortable touch & feel combined with an elegant look. The inside of the album is covered with a soft microfiber lining and has reinforced, rigid covers to add protection to keep your card collections safe.

The album holds 20 pages with 8 side-loading pockets each for a total capacity of 160 cards (even double-sleeved). Four compartments per page are also perfect for PLAYSET collections (4 cards of each). This album also features a durable zipper that closes this album from all sides to even more protection to your cards from dust and falling out.


  • 20 side-loading pages to hold up to 160 sleeved cards*
  • Uniquely designed zipper puller for maximum grip
  • 24 side-loading pockets per page keep cards shake-safe
  • Perfect for PLAYSET collections of 4 cards each
  • Holds standard-sized and Japanese-sized cards
  • Optimized for double-sleeved cards
  • The rigid cover prevents warping of the front or back side of cards
  • Premium materials (Nexofyber surface + microfiber inner lining)
  • Acid-free, no PVC
Depicted accessories, such as cards, dice, pieces etc. are not included.
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