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One Piece Card Game: Paramount War [OP-02] Booster Box

One Piece Card Game: Paramount War [OP-02] Booster Box

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The One Piece Card Game returns with a bang!

The popular One Piece Card Game is back, with a second booster themed around Paramount War. This new booster set features characters that went on a rampage during Paramount War including the Whitebeard Pirates, The Three Admirals, Ivonkov and even more fan favourites!

The One Piece Card Game: Paramount War [OP-02] Booster Box contains:

  • 24 One Piece Card Game: Paramount War [OP-02] Booster Packs
  • Each Pack contains 12 random cards

Each box contains a bundled bonus card (1 of the 6 types will be included at random)!

Key Features

  • Deck Enhancement: This booster set introduces a plethora of cards designed to elevate your decks, making it the perfect companion for the "Absolute Justice [ST-06]" Starter Deck!
  • Introduces all new “Black” colour cards to the mix along with new Multi Colour Leaders: This new colour first made an appearance in Starter Deck "Absolute Justice [ST-06]", and even more are added to join the battle is getting into the battle! The new Multi Coloured leader cards are here to add even more techniques to your arsenal, such as Red and Black Garp!


There are a total of 121 card types to collect with the following rarities:

  • Leader Card x 8
  • Common x 45
  • Uncommon x 30
  • Rare x 26
  • Super Rare x 10
  • Secret Rare x 2

Immerse yourself in the intense battles and dramatic moments of the Paramount War. As you collect and play with these cards, you'll be ready to forge your path in the world of One Piece TCG and experience thrilling battles like never before.

Enhance your collection, strengthen your deck, and relive the Paramount War saga with the One Piece Card Game: Paramount War [OP-02] Booster Box. Order now and set sail on an unforgettable journey through the high seas of the One Piece universe!

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