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Pokémon TCG: Glaceon VSTAR Special Collection

Pokémon TCG: Glaceon VSTAR Special Collection

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Glaceon VSTAR prepares to raise a Crystal Start Shield!

Experience one of Eevee’s Beloved Evolutions in a stellar new light as it transforms into the radiant Glaceon VSTAR! Glaceon VSTAR is prepared to freeze over the opposition with a blizzard of strength with a once-per-game VSTAR Power – Crystal Star! This VSTAR attack deals a colossal 220 damage to take out your opponent’s Pokémon and then raises a shield to make Glaceon is protected from all attacks and their effects on their next turn so it can continue attack the next round without sustaining any damage!  Its strong Icicle Shot attack also can break your opponent’s strategy as it launches damage and also traps their Pokémon preventing them from fleeing! In this special collection, both Glaceon V and Glaceon VSTAR appear as foil promo cards to take your side. Plus, you will also receive an oversized version of Glaceon VSTAR to add to your displays! You’ll also find a handful of Pokémon TCG booster packs with even more cards and a VSTAR marker you can use alongside Glaceon VSTAR in your next battle!

The Pokémon TCG: Glaceon VSTAR Special Collection includes:

  • 1 promo card featuring Glaceon V
  • 1 etched promo card featuring Glaceon VSTAR
  • 1 etched oversize card featuring Glaceon VSTAR
  • 1 acrylic VSTAR marker
  • 5 Pokémon TCG booster packs
  • A code card for the new Pokémon Trading Card Game Live 

Partner up with Glaceon VSTAR and witness how it uses ice to launch it mighty glacial attacks and raise a perfect shield for it with the Pokémon TCG: Glaceon VSTAR Special Collection!

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