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Pokémon TCG: Lycanroc V Battle Deck

Pokémon TCG: Lycanroc V Battle Deck

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Lycanroc gets ready to launch its Crashing Fangs at Dusk!

A green flash illuminates the horizon as daytime turns to dusk – the domain now belongs to Lycanroc V! Join this ferocious Pokémon V deliver a devastating blow with its Crashing Fangs attack! With the assistance of Galarian Sirfetch’d, Steelix and Dugtrio keep landing big-hitting attacks turn after turn. As the hour grows dark Cook can come up to heal your active Pokémon so the battle can continue to rage on.

In the Pokémon TCG: Lycanroc V Battle Deck you will find:

  • 1 ready to play 60-card V Battle Deck
  • 1 large metallic coin
  • A deck Boxes
  • A Quick Guides to unlock the best strategies with this deck
  • A single-player playmat
  • 3 Reference cards
  • 1 Rules Booklet
  • Damage Counters
  • 1 guide to upgrading your decks
  • A code card for the Pokémon TCG Live

Lycanroc V is ready to battle along your side in its Dusk form in the Pokémon TCG: Lycanroc V Battle Deck!

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