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Pokémon TCG: Pikachu V Box

Pokémon TCG: Pikachu V Box

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Send Shockwaves with Pikachu V and have a Lightning Blast!

The iconic Pikachu is ready to show its electric spirit for battle and to show how mighty this little mouse is! Pikachu V is ready to add a spark to your decks as a special foil promo card. This Pokemon V possess the devastating Lightning Blast attack that can even be supercharged if you discharge some energy causing colossal damage. You will also have reinforcement with Mimikyu as an extra foil card in this box, plus you will find some extra Pokémon TCG boosters to help you make your decks even more shocking! You will even get an oversize Pikachu V for your collection.

The Pokémon TCG: Pikachu V box contains:

  • 1 foil promo featuring Pikachu V
  • 1 foil promo featuring Mimikyu V
  • 1 oversize card featuring Pikachu V
  • 4 Pokémon TCG booster packs
  • A code card to use in the Pokémon TCGO or Pokémon TCG Live!

Colossal Lightning Damage!

Pikachu's Lightning Blast attack does a whopping 100 damage. If you need to unleash a final blow to secure victory, Pikachu V can discharge two Lightning energies to add an electrifying further 120 damage for a total of 220 damage in one attack! This final boost in power can completely change the tide of battle and can make all the difference, making Pikachu V a force to be reckoned with! The sneak Mimikyu gives a helping hand with its ability 'Healing Jamming' that stops your opponents from recovering from any healing from damage caused by your attacks

Pikachu is all charged up and ready to leap into battle as an electrifying Pikachu V in the Pokémon TCG: Pikachu V Box.


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