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Pokémon TCG: Trick or Trade BOOster Pack

Pokémon TCG: Trick or Trade BOOster Pack

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Ghoulish ghosts and Spooky Surprises Lurk Inside! 

Unleash your Pokémon for a ghoulishly good time on the spookiest night of the year! Dive into a treasure trove of BOOster packs, where mysterious spectres and other eerie Pokémon come to life in card form!

In a Pokémon TCG: Trick or Trade BOOster Pack, where you'll recieve three colorful cards from the Pokémon Trading Card Game with a special stamp!

It's time to embrace the frightful festivities and celebrate Halloween with your beloved ghostly Pokémon companions, such as Gengar and Mimikyu with Pokémon TCG: Trick or Trade BOOster Packs!

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