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Pokémon TCG: Shiny Star V High Class Japanese Booster Pack

Pokémon TCG: Shiny Star V High Class Japanese Booster Pack

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This product has been limited to a maximum of 10 per customer, per household due to the huge demand. Orders that exceed this limit will be refunded.

The highly anticipated Pokémon TCG Shiny Star V High-Class Japanese Booster Packs are finally here and available in the UK! This incredible set contains 190 cards in the main set featuring even more Amazing rare cards! There will also be a subset with 127 secret rare shiny cards - this means the set will feature over 300 cards in total! 

A Pokémon TCG Shiny Star V booster pack contains:

  • 10 cards in each booster pack (at random)
  • You’re guaranteed to receive a V or VMAX card in each pack!

Will you be able to pull the elusive Shiny Charizard V-Max card?

Try and collect all the incredible Shiny Pokémon!

The Shiny Star V set is the Japanese holiday set and is a much-needed necessity for every Pokémon fan. With an incredible array of Shiny Pokémon reprints, it is a great addition to your collections! It will also feature many of the cards in Japanese from the English Champion's Path set! There is also the chance to obtain the extremely rare god pack - a chance to have all the cards in the pack to be shiny secret rares!

Due to the nature of this item, this item will be sent with tracked delivery options.


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